meditation tarot high priestess

Using Tarot Cards in Meditation

meditation tarot high priestess

First, A Poem:

Violet Light Meditation

When I meditate, there often appears
A small round violet light expanding

Till its size overflows my inward eye.

And then suddenly appears small again

And yet again already expanding,

Repeating the expansion and collapse

Over and over and over again

Until I see, hear, feel, and know nothing

But cosmic awakeness to awareness,

humming and bristling with exuberance.

Meditation can help reduce stress and gives people the chance to spend a little time with themselves.
Spending just a few minutes every day quietening the mind and giving emotions and soul a little tender loving care through meditation helps make people more relaxed and more effective in their daily lives. The symbolism in the tarot cards can help those who find it difficult to control their thoughts in meditation. Focus on one card a day to calm the mind and to gain insight into the subconscious.

The High Priestess Tarot Card in Meditation

Symbolic of the universal principle of intuition and perception. When drawn to this card try to imagine the veiled face of a goddess crowned with the moon in your meditations. The moon represents the mother, feelings instincts and fertility. The symbols on this card represent a state of harmony. Focus on your feelings as this card tells you to trust your intuition.

Use this card in your meditations to help you listen and be guided by that small voice within. If you’ve not found it easy to trust your intuition, focus on what is deep inside. Ask that you remember your dreams and understand the symbolism within them.

Meditate with this card to learn how your mind works and to get in touch with your subconscious. Explore the impressions, feelings and visions you get through this meditation as a way of observing yourself and getting in touch with the real you.

The Empress Tarot Card in Meditation

Symbolic of love and wisdom. If you haven’t been feeling creative or imaginative lately, consider what thoughts and feelings have been holding you back. If you’ve set yourself goals but feel nervous about these, use this card to help you relax into the future. Observe within yourself any negative self talk that has been making you feel more anxious than optimistic. Determine to let go of the doubts and hold on to your hopes and dreams. Whether you’re starting on a novel, an art course, a new venture or trying for a baby, use this card in your meditations to bring you closer to your goal.

When you feel drawn to this card try to imagine the open countryside, green fields, corn ready to reap in your meditations. The Empress represents the Earth Mother and this is a creative fertile card. Focus on your feelings and emotions as this will help heighten your wisdom and trust.

Benefits of Meditation

You already know this but I’ll repeat it anyway – meditation helps people improve their powers of concentration as well as bringing relaxation and greater peace of mind.

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