Top Ten Meditation Videos / DVDs for Relaxation and Meditation


In our fast-paced world of stress and constantly being on the go it is important to take time out daily to relax your mind, body, and spirit. You need time to meditate to develop clarity, harmony, and focus for the busy day ahead. Learning this can be achieved through using meditation videos.

Meditation is also an excellent way to bring your day to an end. Meditation videos will assist you as you re-center, re-focus, and draw yourself away from work, family projects, and other interests. The best meditation videos will assist you in letting go of the stress and burdens you have carried throughout the day and help you achieve relaxation of your mind, body, and spirit.

Here are ten great meditation videos that will help you relax and refocus. Whether you devote twenty to thirty minutes, or an hour each day to follow the meditation and relaxation techniques on these videos you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the day or settle in for a good night’s sleep.

Some people are afraid of meditation videos because many have the tendency to take meditation into the spiritual realm. Remember, that you can bring your own spiritual values and rituals to your quiet time of meditation. Meditation videos and yoga are about finding clarity and opening the mind body connection. Your reflective and meditation time need not turn into an obscure spiritual journey, but it can be used to help you focus on God and the vibrancy of life.

The top meditation videos I have chosen specifically assist in relaxing the mind and body, which frees my spirit to relax, pray, or just enjoy enter into a state of stress free relaxation. That alone is a pleasurable respite from the disharmony of the world around me.

Use the following Top Ten Meditation videos to help you relax, re-center, re-focus, and just exist in the world, if only momentarily, apart from everything else.

AM and PM Yoga for Beginners

I use AM and PM Yoga for Beginners for stretching in the morning and relaxing in the evening. It includes soft background music and a series of yoga stretches designed to relax your body and mind. Rodney Yee leads the morning video as the sun rises on the beaches of Maui.

I don’t care for the second part of the video, led by Patricia Walden, so I often use the morning stretching, relaxation, and meditation video in the evening.

As music plays softly in the background the instructions are given in a soft calming voice, and after going through the stretch sequences on this DVD. I find myself relaxed and in the best state of mind for calm meditation and reflection.

Yoga videos are excellent tools to use for relaxation and meditation. Yoga is all about making a mind, body connection. There are some moves that I consider dishonorable to God, so I do not include those. I merely take the best of each yoga DVD and create my own relaxation and meditation DVD.

Yoga for Relaxation and Meditation

Yoga for Relaxation and Meditation is another yoga and meditation video featuring Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden. This relaxing video leads you toward meditation featuring seven different sessions designed to help you relax and focus.

Yoga for Relaxation and Meditation offers stretches, bends, and restorative posses gently leading you toward a state or relaxation and meditation.

The best thing about this meditation DVD is that it offers a variety of options. With Yoga for Relaxation and Meditation in your library you don’t have to do the same routine day after day. Enjoy the variety, serenity, and path to meditation.

Azure Dreams of Existence

Azure Dreams of Existence is a visual meditative DVD. Some refer to this type of DVD as a “virtual aquarium.” Call it what you will, but the breath-taking and calming sights of the underwater world at John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park will encourage you to let go of the stress and worry of the day and enter into a meditative state.

Visual imagery is accompanied by inspirational, electronic meditative music. This DVD can be purchased online for $29.00, from Meditate with Me.

Top Ten Meditation videos: Night of the Sea

If you enjoy visual meditative videos, like Azure Dreams of Existence, you will probably also enjoy Night of the Sea: A Visual Meditation. In this meditative video ocean videographer Tom Carey has recorded the sights of the undersea world at Cozumel Marine Park and Paradise Reef.

Enchanting, relaxing video is played with electronic “trance” style music. This video will quickly send you into a meditative world all your own.

This video can also be purchased through Meditate with Me.

Journey Into Bliss Visual Meditation and Music.

If you are looking for a somewhat mystical and calming meditation DVD you may find Journey into Bliss is the combination of soothing sounds and visuals that you have been looking for. Journey into Bliss is designed to take you on a meditative journey. It is not guided meditation. You are your own guide.

The paintings of Tibetan sacred art master Karma Thumpten are slowly revealed and panned throughout this meditation video giving you a focus, upon which to begin your meditative journey, but allowing enough simplicity for you to think on the things that encourage and inspire you.

Journey Into Bliss is available from

Mindflo – Relaxation, Meditation, and Calm with Nature

I love nature videos for meditative purposes. To me there is nothing more inspirational, which causes me to be introspective and appreciative of Creation than nature videos. Mindflo has a series of 3 nature meditative videos which combine tranquil scenery and music.

Mindflo videos easily move you from a place of stress, business, and concern to a place of peace and quiet suitable for meditation.

Top Ten Meditation videos: Be Still

Be Still is a Christian DVD in which noted Christian teachers, authors, and pastors teach about the art of prayer. The meditative DVD includes 7 tracks which are included to enable you to enter into a state of relaxation and meditation before God. The tracks follow the teaching and additional music tracks are included throughout the video.

Christian’s concerned with the ancient religious practices associated with many popular meditative instruction will appreciate the forthright Biblical instruction and instruction in prayer.

Be Still offers one man’s understanding of the role of meditation in prayer and provides music and footage that will move you toward a state of prayerful thanksgiving and peace.

Top Ten Meditation videos: Fireplace, Waterfall, and Ocean

Reading the name of this meditative DVD makes it easy to understand why such a DVD will lead you into relaxation. Perhaps three of the most relaxing places to be in the world are in front of a crackling fire, at the foot of a majestic waterfall, or by the ocean either in its tranquility or power as it rages against the land.

Developed as a virtual fireplace and ocean DVD for plasma TV’s, Fireplace, Waterfall, and Ocean offers an equally tranquil experience on any television. The influences of tranquil settings and soft jazz encourage you to relax, focus, and you will find it easy to enter into a state of meditation before your own charming fire, cascading waterfall, or ocean waves.

Top Ten Meditation videos: Angel Meditation DVD

For those who have a modern edge, but still desire to be lead in meditation, you may enjoy the Angel Meditation DVD. This meditation DVD is not as it sounds, it has nothing to do with angels. The DVD has been developed using the art of light. A variety of bright, yet soft, subtle moving images entrances you as soft synthesized music with the feel of light jazz and the lulling sounds of a pan flute remove you far from the stresses of the world.

This DVD is a little too edgy for me. The lights actually aggravate me and make me nervous. However, if you enjoy computer imaging and graphics, and would like to try them to assist you with meditation this video may well be what you are looking for.

Video Match Doctor

A variety of short videos from monastic Buddhist meditation to natural sights and inspirational quotes can be found at DVD Match Doctor. Of all relaxation and meditation videos those that capture footage of nature best demonstrate the power and presence of God. Inspirational quotes may lead me toward relaxation, however, scriptural quotes along with natural elements can remove the sting from a difficult day and assist me as I meditate and think on God.

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