The Truuuth!

Without mincing our words – Holosync is a bone fide scam. Everything about it is suspicious and the more you learn about it, the more you discover a number of gaping flaws in their story. Lifeflow, its compadre, isn’t much better either.


Here’s why.

Our recommended alternative: OmHarmonics

If you are looking to discover a new level of consciousness through binaural beats meditation, OmHarmonics offers you just what you need but at a fraction of the cost.

Renowned for its high quality audio binaurals and isochronic tones, this program presents you with a long list of reasons to stick around. Their team are friendly, plus they offer loads of value in their free meditation course and free audio samples for everyone.

And did I mention the competitiveness of their prices? Unlike Lifeflow that will set you back $670 (phew!) or Holosync that’s just insanely priced (all based on hot air, superlatives and hype),

Following all the complaints and red flags raised about Holosync you might be wondering – is Holosync a scam or just another misunderstood product?

Can their recorded audios help one meditate like a Zen monk? Well, we have reviewed quite a number of binaural beats products and we really hoped Holysync would be the best thing that happened to this industry.

All the hype surrounding it alongside a fancy brand could easily make one fall for their half-truths. Indeed, it took us a great deal of research and close observation to unmask the truths behind this gimmick.

Holosync is a product of the Centerpointe Research Institute, which is known to be a big brand owned by prominent personal development figures Wes Wait and Bill Harris, who sell the program for hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

Some claims made by those who market Holosync include that it “boosts one’s meditation power (to a level similar to what a Zen monk experiences)”.

There are also claims that listening to these CDs can eliminate self-imposed limitations and reduces stress. For those struggling with inner peace, this program claims to be of help as it promotes what has been termed as “unshakeable” inner peace.

It also claims to boost self motivation and confidence effectively helping one get started on a path of prosperity and success. Other claims made include:

  • Heightens one’s spiritual connection
  • Promotes happier relationships
  • Heals emotional trauma
  • Eliminates depression and emotional trauma
  • Promotes mental focus and clarity thereby improving concentration
  • The program is useful in anger management and anger elimination
  • Can eliminate the root cause of chronic health problems

In a nutshell, Holosync claims to be the all-in-one solution for the mail ills of everyone’s life.

And as if that’s not enough, they usually claim that the results come virtually in an instant!

To a seasoned reviewer and a person who understands the art and history of binaural, claims such as these are what raise the first red flag. So chances are that this is a rip-off. History has taught us that these “one-size-fits-all” products often end up being illegitimate 99% of the time.

What we know for sure is that binaural beats come with different frequencies which achieve different effects. This is because the interplay of frequencies alters the brainwave state of the listener uniquely.

For instance, while one blend of binaural beats may have the impact of making you relaxed or more attentive it may not necessarily provide you with a thousand and one other benefits as indicated in Holosync claims.

Think of binaural beats as natural tools that can either slow down or speed up your brain’s activity. If only Holosync was legitimate, they would truly transform human life. Demand for their products would go over the roof owing to referrals. In fact, it would be the best product to have ever graced the face of earth. Indeed, it would be the most outstanding binaural product ever made – something completely out of this world.
So, how many of its wild claims are true? We put it to the test and made a couple of discoveries.

The Test:
We listened to the audio CD for 30 minutes every day for 4 continuous weeks. We would note down our observations before, during and after every session. We also took time to listen to generic binaural beats to examine their effectiveness. Other members of our team decided to take part in this experiment.

At the beginning, we were all psyched up and ready to see our lives transform as dramatically as suggested by Holosync’s marketers. We wanted to be awesome, feel awesome and do awesome things. So we started the journey – armed with our headphones and commitment in tow.

We wanted to taste the magic of Holosync so badly. Who wouldn’t be excited to get such an opportunity in life? So we got down to work and the result?

The Result
They say tough times don’t last but tough people do. Gladly, we survived to tell the tale. A tale of disappointments and disillusionment. Quite frankly, Holosync did nothing. It was a non-starter. But to be fair to them, at least the beats were relaxing – which we partly thought came about due to the fact that we were meditating. Not entirely from the fact that we were using Holosync.

Our placebo – generic binaural beats – were actually more effective. The test team reported significant mood and mental changes after listening to them. We found that the claims made by Holosync were either uninformed or poorly researched. How could a brand of this stature resort to misleading the public by offering them such an underwhelming product?

There could be a few success stories out there, but if you look closely it’s possible to attribute those to the placebo effect.

Holosync sounds, smells and shines out loud like any other big lie out there in the world. To make matters worse, it is insanely expensive.

Can you imagine coughing out $179 plus shipping and handling charges? Let’s cut to the chase – there are way too many better options available. Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on this substandard program.