The Lost Trailers Band – Mindful of the Economy and Environment

Country music has always been sensitive to the economic condition of its fans, but an up and coming country music group is taking it a step further, while also being environmentally friendly.

Last year, the Lost Trailers outsourced to a local crew to work their production during a show. After the gig, a stagehand thanked the band since he hadn’t had a paycheck for three weeks.

It was then the guys decided to go that route for all their shows, in a show of support for the communities where they perform.

“It’s very important for us to do whatever we can to help the cities and towns that we play in, because ultimately these communities are the backbone of America,” said singer and songwriter Stokes Nielson.

In addition, instead of riding luxury tour buses to shows, the band is flying commercially, which cuts pollution output and carbon emissions. According to the band’s management, they have cut 132 tons of CO2 emission since September.

As for the show at 8:30 in the Henry County Grandstand, fans can expect “Holler Back,” “Country Folks Living Loud” and other songs off their “Holler Back” and “The Lost Trailers” CDs.

“Anyone who has ever seen us live is going to hear the first 15 seconds of ‘Holler Back’ and say ‘There’s The Lost Trailers. Those are the guys I saw open for (Kenney) Chesney or open for Sugarland,'” said Nielsen.

They have also opened for the likes of Carrie Underwood, Trace Adkins and Montgomery Gentry.

The band was discovered by country music legend Willie Nelson who heard a demo from them and invited them to play his annual Fourth of July picnic. The 15,000 fans responded so enthusiastically, Nelson asked the band to open some other dates for him.

“What we learned from that experience was that putting on a great show will build a fan base,” said Nielson.

It was while on the trip to Nelson’s picnic in Austin, Texas, the band came up with its name, due to some unfortunate incidents involving equipment trailers.

This year, the band was named “Most Played New Country Group of 2008” by MediaBase and received nominations for Top Vocal Group and Top New Vocal Duo or Group from the Academy of Country Music.

Their single “Holler Back” was so popular a football version was recorded and personalized for nearly 60 college and professional teams. It has also been turned into a personalized ringtone.

Lead singer Ryder Lee and Nielson met while they were both in a church band in their hometown of Atlanta.



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