woman meditating hip open

So What IS The Importance of Meditation?

woman meditating hip open

There are so many times in life where one could feel lost and confused to point of almost a break down due to feeling like the only one who knows or understands the situation. Life can be cruel by peoples attitudes or natural disaster that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and numb. When life throws you a curve ball it is sometimes hard to prepare yourself for the impact of it, but there is hope. Hope that you can actually learn of bad news and deal with it in a normal fashion without having a heart attack or losing your mind.

It has nothing to do with your own will power or in your own strength, but in a higher power help for your in your time of need. One thing to keep in mind is to be honest when expressing your feelings to God even if your confused or angry, but always do this with courtesy. Those who do not read the Bible and have a close understanding of what’s going on will find it hard to swallow the jagged horse pill life throws at them. I am here to tell you that it isn’t strange for you to feel hurt, confused, melancholy, angry, depressed, or empty while you are living in this world full of few ups and more downs. It is better to feel your pain unrepressed to make help you realize the areas you need more assistance with. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses gives you a better look at yourself, and the improvements you will need to become a stronger person.

However, one cannot put the task upon his or herself to make things happen, but to depend on the guidance of God to help you through your crisis. Each crisis has a lesson that must be learned. The lesson could shed a light to your weakness or lack of knowledge about a subject. In addition, the lesson could show you the strength you never thought you had. In order to gain the knowledge of life, and receiver the help one needs to muscle through life’s challenges it begins with prayer. It is important to acknowledge the fact that everything that happens in ones life does not always have to do with the ones decisions. Moreover, ones true purpose is not always what it seems to be.

This complicates all that is suppose to be normal in ones life, and this is when you really need the assistance of the heavenly agencies to get through this maze of fire called life here on this planet. The reason for this is when the life you set off to lead is interrupted, or blocked by cruel people who do that to you just for fun it can cause you terrible stress that can lead to illness. Moreover, you are stressed due to the fact that you put all your heart and motivation into the direction you were seeking. When it doesn’t work out you tend to blame yourself constantly going over it trying to find where you went wrong never stopping to think of who is in control. None of us are totally in control of everything that happen here on earth. It may be difficult at first until one keeps it ingrained that God is in control.

When bad things happen it is hard to think that God is in control. Sometimes I find myself asking why things happen, and why does even the right things have to be blocked from happening to better ones life. Then an idea came the other day about an obvious truth which is the image of a giant and a small person.

The giant stands next to a big wall almost as big, and the small person is constantly jumping and wanting to go in any direction without fear. The giant looks around over the other side then down at the small person with a serious look in his eye shaking his head no.

The giant from his height can see what is going on the other side from beginning to the end while the small person is Innocent to what lay ahead. For example, people who are not your true friends, and evil relatives could plot to take you off you path; therefore, in order to preserve your life your plan of a good life might be put on hold a lot longer than you think. Are they bigger than God? No, but they do not live by any ounce of goodness as a personal choice God cannot interfere with. Yet, It has been said that there is a time for everything that includes blessings as well as punishment. Sometimes lets you go a way to test your reaction and how you will handle the temptation to help you know who you truly are. Other times your loyalty to him and all good things are tested to also reveal your bad traits that need to be fixed.

Remember the Bible stories of when Pharaoh had the Jews in captivity for years until Moses came to rescue them enduring several horrible plagues unrelenting until being drowned with his army after chasing them into the sea. Joseph had to suffer being disliked by his aunt and her children because his father Jacob loved his mother best, then he was sold by his brothers to the Egyptians as a slave for 13 years altogether free at the age of thirty with a high position under Pharaoh after telling him what his dream meant. These stories show how things are done in due time. It is not our time, but the time God has arranged. The reason for our need to pray is for protection, faith, patience and strength during these trying times. We need to believe that He is in control leaving all our cares to Him to help us through. We need to pray so we won’t lose our minds, become stressed to the point of serious illness, or become depressed when we cannot get our way we Think is the right way. Do not let this keep you from trying to achieve a goal, but learn to pray about it to let go and let God handle your life for you as your most trustworthy guide.

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