serenity - a poem

Serenity: A Poem. Generation’s Habits: Another Poem

serenity - a poemSometimes I wonder;
What does God want from me?
His plan is unknown;
To my anxious heart;
On the bridge, I see a river;
I feel it flowing beneath my feet;
Only the wood and concrete structure;
Keeps me from falling in;
I worry about where my life is going;
And I wonder where it will end;
I have learned that there are things;
That I cannot control;
And I have to trust;
That He will do what is best for me;
He gives me a free will to make choices;
All having an end-result;
I have to accept responsibility;
For the choices I have made;
Letting go of pride;
Letting go of self;
Letting go of worldliness;
And all of its temptations;
As I watch the sun;
Dance upon the water;
I know that I have just discovered;
The secret of true happiness;
And have finally obtained;
A real sense of peace;
For my troubled soul


Generations’ Habits

Ignorant opinion cultivated by grown
as the unmindful tarnish youthful reverie.
Concocted perception of generation masses
while dismal allure saturates hope.

Fearful notion embedded within
whilst promoting opponent for fair-minded.

Sponsoring academies’ unyielding thought
to notoriously brazen unprejudiced psyche.

Higher ranks proclaim naively
during prostitution of truths to unguarded fledglings.

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