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Praise in Every Breath: Exploring the Power of Psalm 145

Praise in Every Breath: Exploring the Power of Psalm 145

Psalm 145 is a powerful declaration of praise to God from King David. In this psalm, David praises God for His greatness, goodness, and works throughout the ages. This psalm has been called one of the most beautiful and comprehensive hymns of praise in all of scripture. It speaks to our soul as it exalts the majesty and glory of God who reigns over creation.

Psalm 145 opens with David proclaiming his intention to praise God perpetually, not just with his words but with every breath he takes. He acknowledges that many have praised God before him and will continue to do so after him because there is no end to His greatness (verse 3).

The psalm continues with several verses that describe attributes of God such as His mercy, slow anger, abundant goodness (verse 8), and faithfulness (verse 13). In addition to extolling these character traits, David also praises God for His deeds – both those already done in the past as well as those still yet to be accomplished (verses 7-9).

One theme that stands out in this psalm is an emphasis on how intimately connected we are with our creator. David reminds us that we are dependent upon Him for our daily provisions like food (verses15-16) while at the same time we can rely on Him for deliverance when facing obstacles.

Throughout Psalm 145 there’s a call not just simply praise but also a recognition/acknowledgement or confession by believers acknowledging their unworthiness vis-a-vis what they’re celebrating/thanking/praising Him about.

As Christians we find ourselves incomplete until we acknowledge almighty GOD! “Every moment you breathe” says Psalms tells us such acknowledgement should always be running through our minds by saying something like… ‘you’re great GOD’ *breathe in* ‘thanks for doing this… for me!, or because of who you are’, *breathe out*

This is a wonderful form of praise; acknowledging who God is (in Jesus Christ) and what He has done and continues to do in your everyday life. Paul puts it this way in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for You.”

We understand better why King David said he would praise the Lord forevermore, because he must have been so convinced that it was an undeniable privilege to be alive, to see the sun again today, to breathe fresh air again today even when he did not deserve these gifts of life. That’s why Psalm 145 resonates so well with believers even till now! It reminds us that every breath we take is a gift from our faithful Father and we should always make use of those breaths by indulging ourselves wholly on Praise – yes! even before making any requests.

Benefits of Praising God
Here are some benefits found in consistently praising God:

– Praise brings forth joy – There’s an inner burst of happiness when one looks back at their lives and sees how far they’ve come through only by being able to call upon GOD.
– Praise bring peace – Praising helps release worries or anxieties that plague our mind.
– Praising Deepens faith – Even though without seeing GOD face-to-face Christians can still have faith, however strengthened faith is birthed through consistently uplifting praises giving/revealing insights into the heart & character of He who we serve.


Psalm 145 encourages believers and those searching souls alike to cultivate a lifestyle marked by continual efforts towards acknowledging the greatness and goodness of His name throughout each day. It can’t be over-emphasised the impact of cultivating an awareness and recognition of His greatness in our life.

We should respond to God’s love and grace by praising Him for His goodness, from the rising of the sun to its setting (verse 2). Recognising who GOD is will go a long way toward addressing feelings of depression, shifting unhealthy focus away from oneself towards HIM.

Let Psalm 145 be your daily source of inspiration as you give praise and honour to God through your mouth – with every breath you take.

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