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Lifewave Phototherapy Healing Patches

lifewave x39 image 1Light is used in phototherapy, a field of study that has been established for more than a century. The ancient Greeks established a center for investigating the impact of different colored lights on the human body some 2,000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians, who used tinted glass to direct sunlight to certain parts of the body, were aware of this. 

Lifewave has created a product that is so easy to use that it causes changes in the body’s biochemistry. It is possible to stimulate the nerves on the skin’s surface and so cause certain biochemical and physiological changes that have a positive impact on health when an Infrared Lifewave patch is applied to an acupuncture point.

While it is recommended to apply the patches on acupuncture points, I, my family, and friends have had wonderful benefits placing them directly on the areas of concern. I’ve noticed that if I don’t remain hydrated when using a patch, I get a headache. I’ve also discovered that the patch’s adhesive might irritate delicate skin in both my father and myself. After a few sprays of Witch Hazel Hydrosol on the patch, my skin no longer reacts negatively when an adhesive is applied.

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It might cost anything from $5,000 to $50,000 to get a stem cell injection. People have been critical of the cost of the Lifewave patches, however in comparison to the cost of stem cells, they are a bargain. 30 patches in an envelope cost $99.95 plus VAT and delivery. If you buy them in bulk, you’ll save money.

Patches from Lifewave come in a variety of styles. The X39 (stem cell) and energy booster patches are the only ones I’ve personally tried and found to be effective. I’ve gotten up early to go to the gym on days when I’ve been wearing patches of energy. On days when I go to the gym, I usually need a 20-minute power sleep around 3 p.m. to refuel. When I wore the energy patches, I didn’t feel the need for sleep in the afternoon. I’m also trying out the Alavida patches, which claim to improve the health of the skin. My goal is to reverse time, or at the very least, pause it.

  • Suzanne Freece

This is what other people have told me about their experiences:

Christine Miner, who spoke about the patches at the 2019 AFZPA conference in October, was the one who first introduced me to them. A few weeks ago, I bought the X39 patches and decided to see what they could do. With the patch, I didn’t notice any immediate alterations to my physique. I decided to wear them for a full 90 days before making a final decision. After a few weeks, I began to realize that I wasn’t as stiff when I first woke up. On Christmas Day, I made a major shift in my life. Throughout the day, my husband and I would see all of our children and grandkids. We enjoyed a very full day of visiting, seeing grandchildren open gifts, and savoring the food at every stop. Just as we were getting ready to go for our daughter’s house for supper, I suddenly found myself unable to move because I was so stiff and sore! That morning, I had forgotten to put on a patch. My discomfort was gone by the time I arrived in my car to depart, and I put on a patch right away! It dawned on me just how much the X39 patches were helping me after this event.

In 2008, I was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. My right hand and arm were broken, and I had a serious concussion. My wrist and arm no longer pain all the time thanks to the X39 patch, and the significance of my concern has diminished as a result.

More than two decades ago, my daughter was involved in an automobile accident. Her rotator cuff was torn as a result of the injury. It has been a long time since she’s been able to use her arm. Her arm didn’t ache at all when she put on her first X39 patch. She saw benefits right away. She is a firm believer in the existence of God.

  • Annabel Obrin

Ten years ago, I fractured the bottom knuckle of my big toe’s digit. As a result of improper healing, the foot has grown significantly in size in comparison to the other, and it is stiff and painful on occasion. It started aching so bad last summer that I was considering wearing crutches for the first time in my life for no apparent cause. My knuckle had been bothering me for more than 24 hours, therefore it was advised that I apply a patch directly to it. As a result of my quick compliance, I was free of discomfort in no time. I was able to restore some of my lost mobility after two weeks of daily patch treatment. As of now, I’ve gone six months without applying any kind of bandage on my knuckle.

  • Simon

My groin/inner thigh muscle was torn during a hard basketball game. For the first 48 hours, it was extremely stiff and painful, and it only got worse with time. My worst discomfort subsided on the third day, when I applied an X39 patch to the affected area and returned to work. A task I had that day required me to kneel and stand up and down rather frequently. That evening I was expecting excruciating agony as a result of my injuries, therefore I was pleasantly pleased to find that neither of those things had happened.

  • Anonymous

In my seventy-sixth year, I’m a man who can’t get well very rapidly. For as long as I can remember, I’ve experienced excruciating agony in my shoulder. To alleviate the pain in my shoulder, my daughter recommended that I use an X39 patch. It didn’t matter what I was doing. Now that my discomfort has been alleviated totally, I’m eager to try one on my back as well.

  • Doug C

For the past two years, I’ve relied on the X39 patches inconsistency. When I began taking them, I had no discernible health issues. I was using them to see if I could see a difference when one of them was turned on. So I knew there was something to this technique when the initial application to the base of my neck, as recommended, brought a sense of calm to my body. Recently, I’ve been concerned about a tooth that’s been bothering me. It’s been quite sensitive to heat, and the root will suddenly begin to pain at any given moment. I began using the X39 patch to my neck every day. On the first day, I observed a noticeable change. My sensitivity problems persisted, although they were lessened. It took roughly two weeks for the discomfort in that tooth to subside. For the time being, I’m still wearing a patch three to four times a week to let the tooth root recover. Aside from that, I’ve observed that my hair seems to be coming back. It was also picked up on by my hairstylist. I feel very grateful to have been introduced to the Lifewave products.

  • Lilly Henshaw

As a 21-year-old, I was experiencing gallbladder discomfort. The condition of my mother in law’s body was so inflamed and non-responsive that she was concerned for its survival when she zoned me. Every day, she instructed me to apply a patch on the site of my gallbladder. Wearing patches made me feel so much better on the days I wore one, but then I’d miss days in hopes of extending the life of my patches, only to experience pain again. When I was seen again after a week with the patches on, the doctor said my gallbladder was reacting to the therapy.

  • Fiona Howard

I have a knee that is so inflamed that I frequently need to take a break. I’ve been advised that I need a knee replacement, but I’m not sure if it’s the right decision for me. When I heard about the stem cell patches, I was eager to give them a try and see if they might help me. So my knee felt great that I decided to go for a mile walk, which I subsequently regretted since I pushed it too fast. I’m glad I didn’t do that. However, I now have hope that there is a non-surgical option to repair my knee instead of having it surgically replaced.

  • Anonymous

My medical condition has always been a puzzle. I’ve been so exhausted and anxious that I’ve been unable to function. I’m exhausted by the time supper is served, and I’m unable to hold a conversation with my children. I would feel better for a short period of time and then return to my pre-existing state. My zone gave me an X39 patch to test out one day. As a consequence, I was astonished. My kids couldn’t stop complimenting me on how upbeat and cheerful I was the entire night. In my opinion, the finest I’ve felt in a long time was the mix of zones and patches.

  • Jake Avery

My ankle was shattered and my leg bone was crushed in a skydiving accident around 30 years ago. My ankle and lower leg are no longer as uncomfortable or swollen thanks to the patches.

  • Daniel

My friend gave me some Aeon Lifewave patches to test if they could help with my anxiety. I was suspicious at first since it seemed too easy. However, after using them for approximately four days, I began to notice a difference. I was able to think more clearly, relax, and get a better night’s sleep. Even while my bloating had decreased, my general well-being had improved. Anybody seeking a more natural method of reducing anxiety should try the patches, in my opinion.

  • Paula
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