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Exclusive Interview with Sarah DeShields

Sarah DeShields

If you are looking for some new music to add to your collection, you have to check out talented Sarah Deshield. Sarah, from the UK, is now jamming into the hearts of many in North Carolina. Sarah recently had a baby, but was still so kind to answer a few questions I had for her. Let’s see what Sarah had to say.

SM- So, Sarah, how did you find your way from the UK all the way to North

SD-I did a lot of travelling in the states during my university years, and
have always loved the country and its people. The final push came when I
fell in love with an American. We married in Scotland and lived there for
a short time before deciding to move to his hometown in NC. I love it
here, though in the quiet days here my heart often aches for Scotland and
its memories.

SM- Wow, the things love can make you do. (wink) How long have you been in the music business?

SD-I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember. i studied music from
the age of 7 on, starting on piano, majoring in percussion at university
in England and picking up guitar whilst I was there. That’s when the
songwriting really kicked in as I started to play open mic nights and
small venues around the city. It was like everything finally clicked –
both the musician and the poet in me came together and I began the
everlong journey of discovering my identity as a songwriter and performer.

Since then I have independantly recorded two solo E.Ps, and am set to
record a full length folk album in the next year. I’m also about to embark
on a completely new adventure with electronic/rock band SleakCityMetro as
we hit the stdio this fall to record our first album.

SM- You’re one busy lady. I can’t get enough of your song, Dissolve, will you tell me a little
about what inspired you to write it?

SD- Well, I was thumbing through some old lyrics I had never used and came
across the lines “speak to me in a silver tongue, like a sword that
eventually will divide me into one” and I really wanted to expand on it.
It was one of these songs that seemed to pour out easily. It was based
around some situations in relationships, where I remember feeling like I
was always putting my foot in it and messing up. I have a deep faith in
God and realised that I had not been listening to God’s voice, the voice
that dissolves my insecurities and speaks wisdom to me. The chorus is
really a prayer – “So quietly I will wait till all of my stupid mistakes
are dissolved in You”. The song is really about having those moments of
quiet meditation and prayer where the burden is gracefully taken off my
shoulders, and I soaked in God’s forgiveness and peace in stark contrast
to my situation at the time.

SM- Now the song means even more to me. Thank you! You have a beautiful voice. What singers have you been compared to?

SD- Thankyou very much! As much as I dislike comparisons, you can’t escape
them. I get compared to artists anywhere from Jewel, Dolores O’Riorden,
and Alanis Morrisette to Jeff Buckley and Enya. I’m always searching for a
way I can hone my voice to be truly unique, and when you get compared a
lot to other artists it can make you feel a bit boxed in. However, to be
compared to Jeff Buckley is one of the biggest compliments I could

SM- Okay, last one, when you have some free time, what do you like to do
on your time off?

SD-I love spending time with my husband and my son, who is very new (only 3
weeks old!) and is obviously very demanding on my time right now! I love
to read (especially anything by Tolkein, C.S Lewis, Anne Lammot or
Frederick Buechner). I have a passion for art and love photography and
painting. I also love to smoke my church warden pipe with my husband on
our porch (where our best conversations take place), and catch shows when
good bands come into town. I’m still holding out for when my favourite
band Sigur Ros come back to anywhere remotely close to us, that’s on my
top list of things to do!

SM- I wish you all the luck Sarah! Congrats on your new baby boy and I can’t wait for your folk album to come out!

If you are anxious to find out more about this amazing chick, check out-

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