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Converting I-Doser Files from DRG to MP3

Direct MIDI to MP3 ConverterWhile the I-Doser brainwave entrainment files are a novel and enjoyable concept, many people are turned off because of the proprietary file type requiring the use of the proprietary software and thus, the use of a computer. Attempting to sleep with your headphones plugged into a computer is distracting, and often causes too much distraction for the dose to work.

I-Doser does offer 8 mp3 versions of their brainwave files. Unfortunately, these files are of the stronger varieties and are limited. Because of this, many people are attempting to convert their files into something that can be played from an iPod or similar mp3 player. Many go about this via re-recording methods; however, this can take a great deal of time as many files are 60 minutes in length. Likewise, the recording often misses or warps certain high frequency sounds, leading to a corrupted and unusable dose.

There is a way to convert the proprietary .drg files into a wav or mp3 file without loss of quality. It is very simple, and takes less than a minute. It should be noted that it is important to purchase the .drg files legally before converting them. Downloading hacks off the internet or a cracked version of I-Doser with all the files is illegal.

To convert the purchased .drg file into a wav file:

1. Download a program called SBagen. This is the original, opensource version of the brainwave generator. iDoser is the same program with a different encryption. This program is freeware and can be downloaded here.

2. Once you have downloaded this program, navigate to the Program File of the iDoser application. You can do this by going to Start gt; My Computer gt; Local Disk gt; Program Files gt; iDoser. Once in the iDoser files, find the file temp.xqp. Copy this file and paste it onto your Desktop. You can now close this window.

3. Now that you have SBagen downloaded and temp.xqp copied onto your desktop, open the iDoser app and start playing the dose you wish to convert. Just allow it to play and minimize the program.

4. Open Notepad. Navigate to the temp.xqp file and open it. You should see some random lines of code. This is the code for the current file playing in the iDoser app. What you need to do is click at the beginning of the first line and hit the enter key twice. Now, at the beginning of the file, type -SE . It should look like this:


{alpha: XXXXXXX} More random code…..

Once this is finished, save the file as WHATEVER.sbg. It doesn’t matter what you name it, but I recommend using the doses name. Example: Lucid Dream.sbg. Now close down Notepad.

5. Now that you have a saved SBG file, you can play that iDoser file via the SBagen player. However, we want to convert it to WAV. Do this by right clicking on the SBG file you just saved. On the menu that appears, click Write to Wav. This will create a WAV file of the SBG file, which is an SBG file of the DRG file. Get it?

6. Now you have two files in the same location, an SBG file and a WAV file.

To Convert the WAV to MP3:

1. Now that you have the WAV file of your dose, you may notice that it is a large file size, probably between 400 and 600 megabytes. This can quickly fill a flashdrive device like a Nano or Sansa. For that reason, converting the WAV file to an MP3 is ideal. To do this, download the River Past Wave @ MP3 Converter located here. This program is free and excellent at converting WAV’s.

2. Once you have downloaded the River Past converter, open your WAV file and press the convert button. It will output an MP3 version of your WAV.

3. Congratulations. You now have an DRG, SBG, WAV, and MP3 of the same file, and all were created in less than five minutes. Now that you have an MP3 you can upload it to your mp3 player. Understand that some think the MP3 version loses vital frequencies the WAV/SBG/DRG files retain. I, however, have converted these files into MP3’s via this method and they have all worked just as well as previously. I can discern no difference in quality.

*Note: It is in legal-limbo right now about whether or not it is legal to converter something you legally purchased. While major authorities on the matter are vague and conflicting on the issue, many feel that it is within their legal rights to convert the file into something that can be played on any device. It is illegal to sell or distribute these converted files, and they should remain the property of the purchaser only. Note that the author and publisher of this article do not condone any illegal activity. This article is for informational purposes only, and any questions should be directed to customer service at

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