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Change your Perspective in Order to Make Meditation Easier

make meditation easierThe first thing that makes meditation easier is rethinking what it actually is. It doesn’t have to mean sitting on a prayer mat with ones’ hands and legs in a certain position.
Imagine thinking of the following activities as meditation.

Walking. Walk with long, steady strides. Notice the sensation of your feet touching the ground. Observe what’s around you. Breathe deeply. Listen to the birds. Be in the present.

Gardening. Open up all your senses. Let the dirt crumble between your fingers. As you plant seeds, imagine the flowers that will bloom. If you are weeding, pretend you’re pulling out whatever thoughts and emotions limit your own growth.

The more you bring a meditative approach to ordinary activities, the easier it is to quiet your mind for what is formally called meditation.

Enhancements for Meditation

Music. This is especially helpful if you live in an urban environment, which can provide more than its share of distracting noise. Put on your headphones or put in your ear buds and listen to quiet classical music or New Age music-whatever you like best. You may also want to listen to guided visualization recordings.

Aromatherapy. If you light a candle infused with essential oils, or use a diffuser for oils, you can become more relaxed. Lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, frankincense, and rosewood are some of the most relaxing oils. Having pleasantly scented air will also encourage you to breathe deeply.

Breathing Techniques. Here’s a very simple one.


1. Inhale deeply for 4 seconds, imagining that you are taking in pure, positive energy. You may want to focus on a specific energy (love, healing, abundance).

2. Hold your breath for 4 seconds, feeling this energy filling every cell of your body.

3. Exhale for 8 seconds and imagine that you are letting go of negative energies.

Crystals. When I first began working with crystals, a friend with a lot of experience said that the easiest way to meditate was to do so while holding crystals. I was highly skeptical but open to experimentation. I discovered to my amazement that crystals did indeed have a very calming effect.

Two simple methods I like are the following:

1.Hold a clear quartz point in one hand and a smoky quartz point in the other. The clear quartz has strongly spiritual qualities, and the smoky quartz assists in grounding.

2.Place a small quartz cluster on your forehead. I don’t know exactly why this works, but it has always helped me to release the jumble of thoughts that sometimes assemble in my mind.

Help From Flower Essences

Sometimes we can’t shut our minds off. In such cases, White Chestnut, a Bach Flower Remedy can be very helpful in preventing your mind from going around in unpeaceful circles.

Lotus, a Flower Essence Society essence, is recommended as a general meditation aid, one that helps us to realize our spiritual selves.

The Wild Earth Animal Essence, Dolphin, can help in both spiritual and psychic growth.

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