Brainwave Entrainment – Meditation with the Stimuli of Sound

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Meditation is a term with broad definitions. It’s a concept defining a state of inner peace and tranquility of the mind. This state is known to bring about improved cognitive reasoning, deeper feeling, and improved health. Hence, it is often a tool used by those seeking, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Traditional meditation originates many centuries ago and it is still practiced today. Religions, societies, and certain cultures embrace meditation, and this has somewhat becomes a way of life.

Science has also embraced meditation and this also explains the development of many techniques and tools available to entrain the brain for meditation. One of the most effective techniques employed today uses the power of sound. The sound affects the brain to give the meditative state desired.

Brainwave entrainment is a process whereby sounds are used to influence the functions of the brain during entrainment. It helps the use to apply sound in a proper way. In other words, we can still describe brainwave entrainment as the use of specific sound technology to influence different brain frequencies. These frequencies could mean different moods, feelings, or states of consciousness.

There are three main methods of brainwave entrainment. Some Meditation programs can apply one or more or more of these methods.

Binaural beats – This method of entraining the brain for meditation used two different tones on each ear. The different tones enter the ears and combines as one in the brain, where a pulse or frequency is generated. The frequency generated could be the desired mood, feeling, or state of consciousness. To practice binaural beats, the use of headphones is needed during meditation.

Monaural Beats – This method implies the use of tones that are of the same amplitude. The effects of the sound are picked externally from the ears and not directly on the brain as with the case of binaural beats. More so, as the sounds are picked externally, the use of headphones is not that compulsory.

Isochronic Tones – This method makes use of sounds that are evenly spaced. The sounds are not combined as in the binaural and monaural beats. Instead, sounds are turned off or on at different intervals. This method of sound meditation could well be very effective by ensuring that strong cortical responses are produced in the brain. The use of headphones helps to enhance the effectiveness of isochronic tones.

These are the three known methods of brainwave entrainment methods. They implore sounds in different ways. The effectiveness of each of the methods may well depends on the equipment used, the environment, and the emotional state of the person.

So, using brainwave entrainment enhances spiritual growth through sound. You can check out the Holosync and LifeFlow Meditation programs for best results. Click here for more info


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