spiral binaural tones

Binaural Beats – A Brainwave Entrainment Method for Meditation

spiral binaural tones
If you are stressed up you may want to consider investing in binaural beats audios. What the heck is that? I hear you ask!

Good question and I am going to explain what this term means in a short while. Before then, it is important to be reminded that many things in life could affect how we reason and respond to situation.

These could be physical, mental, or psychological. No matter the source of our worries, the practice of medication can help take care of those concerns.

Yes, meditation is an age long practice and it really works. It’s even good that this practice is now incorporated into some of our modern medical practice. Many engage in medication to attain inner peace, healing, and spiritual growth. The benefits of this practice cannot be ignored.

Now, traditional meditation takes lots of musings and contemplations to attain the level of consciousness one needs. It could take long for one to master this practice, but the benefits of mastery are overwhelming.

With technological innovations, different steps of practicing meditation have been developed. These steps make it easier for people to learn and understand the art of meditation faster. One of the modern approaches to meditation is the application of the binaural beats.

music dancing meditation
When meditating in a group I have found that some people like to have background music while others prefer silence. The problem, of course, is that while the people who like music may still be able to meditate without music, those who are bothered by music must have silence. When I say music, I also mean sounds like drums, chanting, and other background sounds.

People often ask me if there is any benefit to having a background beat, sound, or music. That is a difficult question to answer, but here are some thoughts based on over 30 years of meditation and teaching meditation…

Physiologically speaking, when we meditate our brainwave patterns, that is the electrical activity in our brains, changes. As we relax we go into the alpha state, a restful and relaxed state where our attention becomes more focused and we begin the journey inward. That process, however, may be different for each individual. Some people find it easier to reach that state if they focus on music while others find it easier to listen to silence, or even their own breathing. There is no right way to do it, only the way that works for you.

But since it is a physical response, it should be noted that resonance may be used as a meditation tool. Resonance is the sympathetic response of the brain to mimic a frequency that it hears. It is similar to placing a stilled tuning fork beside a vibrating tuning fork. When the two forks come into proximity of each other the one that is still begins to vibrate at the same frequency as the vibrating fork. When our brains hear a constant beat or vibration, they too begin to vibrate or mimic the frequency.

So if you have music or a drum beat or even chanting at the right frequency, it may help your brain to automatically enter the alpha state. Baroque music has been credited with the power to help humans concentrate because of the beat that seems to help some people enter the alpha state more easily. That being said, however, for some people it is still annoying and if you are one of those people, don’t worry and please don’t try to force yourself to listen to a sound or music while trying to meditate.

The most important part of meditation is the inner personal journey and learning to listen to your own thoughts, feelings, moods, and needs. The inner you can teach the outer you how to reach a restful state of meditation if you will listen and trust your self.
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