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Get Peace at the Best Meditation Retreats in New York State

Every one has a time or two in their life when the pressures of business, school or just life in general get to be too much and you need to get away from the whole world. That is impossible until such time as space travel is an ordinary thing, but there are meditation retreats that will make you feel like the rest of the world has melted away.

In New York state, not physically far from major cities like New York and Albany, there are meditation retreats that will make you feel like you are hundreds of miles away. Meditation retreats come be only for groups, or for individuals and groups Groups such as churches, private clubs and schools can find a meditation retreat that will have programs just for them. Individuals can find a meditation retreat that will allow them to be by themselves or join in group activities when they feel it is right for them to do so. You have the freedom to do whatever makes you feel better, whatever you need to do to reconnect, shake out the cob webs and feel comfortable when back in the everyday world.

round top of the catskill mountainsThe Catskill Mountains of New York have always been a place to attract visitors. There was a time when there were resorts that were the summer destination of many, and not only from New York. Most of the resorts are gone now, but the Catskills still call out for visitors and for those seeking to get away, not to have a active vacation, but to have a time of peace and tranquility, when you can get back in touch with yourself, then the Catskills is one place to look. It is convenient, not far from New York City, or from Albany in the north. For instance, there is The Crystal Spring House, an 1860’s farmhouse, once a private home, now a meditation retreat for groups of up to 16 to come and stroll the woods and streams or just sit on the veranda. You can cook your own meals, or have them prepared. This is what a retreat should be, a place where you have to choice to be as alone as you want to be and a place where you can get together with others when you want. Here are no rates for individuals. You will pay the same amount for groups up to 10, so try to get as close to 10 as possible. When you are here, the whole meditation retreat is yours. Contact them at 845-586-1080 (weekends); 845-254-5738 (weekdays)

frost valley NYThe Straus Center at the Frost Valley, New York YMCA is a different set up entirely. You have the option of individual or group meditation retreat style accommodations. And there is a tremendous variety of meditation retreat style accommodations. You can choose from platform tents that sleep four, away from the main house, right near the woods, a family style lodge for 4 to 6, a dorm style lodge for 4 to 18 people, a super lodge for up to 10, The castle is the place for inn style meditation retreat accommodations, 11 private rooms each with two twin beds. Margett’s Lodge is motel style and has eight private rooms sleeping 2 to 4 people in twin or full size beds with a private bath. Camp-Style Cabins have a dorm room that sleeps 8 with one room that sleeps 2. Total capacity is 10 people. The Fly fishing Cottage is one of a kind and has 3 bedrooms. And the Center it self which has 11 double occupancy rooms. They have programs for groups or individuals, or you can just come and walk the woods or sit by the river and just get yourself re connected. 21 Straus Lane, Claryville, New York 12725 1.845.985.2291

Sky Lake Lodge, New YorkSky Lake Lodge, New York, is another retreat that is for both individuals and groups. It is located in one of the most beautiful areas, the Hudson River Valley. They have 18 private acres where you can hike on marked trails and be as alone as you want to be. There are no televisions or telephones in the rooms at Sky Lake and certain cell phones don’t work very well on the Ridge. It is a meditation retreat where you really leave the world behind and really let it fend for itself while you reconnect with yourself or the people who mean the most to you. They do have Shambhala programs for those who want to participate. They are located at 845-658-8556, Rosendale, New York 12472

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