A Guided Water Visualization Meditation

meditation water surface

meditation water surface

If you are a visually-minded type, you should be able to do this meditation easier. It’s best if you lie on your back on your bed or floor. Be comfortable enough with your head and neck supported so you don’t move around much, and you don’t notice any discomfort, that way you feel like you are floating.

Close your eyes and tell your emotions to be calm like a lake. Ignore things that come up, and shove them to the side for now. Tell your ego to go off somewhere and deal with issues while you rest and lie still.

Start to breathe from your stomach and put your hand there, to feel it rise and fall. Inhale in, and as you exhale, pull your stomach in, inhale, let it out. If you focus on this exercise alone, you can become centered.

Lie with your legs spead apart a little bit, like shoulder width.

Imagine you are at either a sunny resort with a flowing strong current of water inside of a pool waterfall, a jacuzzi, or a mountain waterfall flowing into a pool. Imagine this water is bright and soothing, and is flowing through your muscles, releasing tension. Imagine you are lying in the water letting it flow all over you, from top to bottom. Imagine it deeper flowing throughout your entire room or house, as if its flowing, moving through your room. Not in a scary way, but in a bright, clearing, way. The idea is to see it cleanse your life, your aura, your problems, everything.

Water moves with a strong current, it cleans and purifies all the bad away. Hear it with your senses, let it wash over your problems, your worries, and keep flowing over your body, releasing your muscles from stress and tension. As the water flows onto you, and your environment you feel calmer, awake, and revived.

Do this any time of day, and you will feel energetic afterwards. Its very healing. If you are depressed, its perfect. Put on water sounds, ocean sounds to amplify the affect you want. As you imagine it, it really will be what you wanted in real life. It wont make your problems go away, but it will give you a sense that all is well, and can revive you.

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